1. How long have you been listening to Set It Off?

    I have been listening to Set It Off since 2013 or 2014 during the Cinematics era. Since then, they have always been one of my favourite bands.

    2. Where did you discover Set It Off?

      I discovered Set It Off on YouTube after bingewatching various music videos, primarily My Chemical Romance. At some point during this, the music video for Swan Song appeared in my feed. I decided to watch it and from there I ended up listening to their entire discography (or at least what was available back in 2013/2014). The rest is (ancient) history.

      3. How has Set It Off affected your life?

        I cannot fully put into words just how much SIO has affected me, but I'll certainly do my best.

        I was 13 when I first listened to Set It Off. I don't think back then I realised the impact they would have, but they were just the band I needed back then. Like most socially awkward teenagers, I was often the target for bullying. The school I went to refused to do anything and I didn't want to worry my parents with it so I often just stayed quiet and kept to myself. I felt pretty much alone... until I came across Set It Off. Songs like Horrible Kids really spoke to me in a way that music hadn't ever done before and, bar some My Chem songs, it was the only time I'd ever really stopped to appreciate the lyrics I was hearing rather than just the singing.

        Throughout my life, Set It Off continued to be the one thing I could cling onto for comfort. Seeing Duality do well- especially Wolf In Sheep's Clothing made me feel over the moon for the band. Upside Down to this day remains as one of my top albums, and seeing the way SIO pushed through some of their hardest times as a band following its release was so inspiring. Midnight for some people was seen as the 'comeback of the year', but I just saw it as confirmation that this band that I've held so dearly throughout my teenage years wasn't going anywhere. I seriously cannot wait to see how the Elsewhere era plays out.

        It's probably also worth me mentioning how much they also helped me significantly when I lost my dad back in 2020. I always loved Dad's Song from the moment I heard it, but after mine passed away I became so attached to this song. I couldn't turn to my friends about it, but I could turn to the band who had always captured my feelings so perfectly in the past. There are so many lyrics within that song that I only understood vaguely prior to 2020, but then suddenly every single lyric meant the world to me. I have a playlist of all the songs my dad regularly played in his car and it's crazy just how different they sound now that he's gone.

        I fully mean it when I say I don't think I would be here still if Set It Off didn't exist. If I didn't have that voice that made me feel understood and loved. I owe so much to this band. Not only have they made me feel more comfortable in expressing myself and caring less about what others think, they've made me want to stick around.

        It isn't even just their music that has helped me. Cody and Maxx's streams (The Chaos Collective and Project X respectively) have helped me find, as best as I can put it, 'my people'. It's often hard to find people who care about the things you are truly passionate about, but these streams create such a welcoming environment. From this, I have also made a large friend group known as 'Stand it On' , which has helped improve my mental health exponentially. This group started out as a joke making parody SIO songs (Skeleton was reversed to become Flesh, This Christmas (I'll Burn It To The Ground) became That Funeral (You'll Freeze It To The Sky), etc.) but we have all become extremely close. This was undoubtedly helped by both Maxx and Cody listening to our songs during their aformentioned streams.

        There are so many other ways this band has helped me, but I'm going to keep it there for the sake of whoever has to read through all these emails.

        4. What was the best Set It Off show you’ve ever been to & why?

        Unfortunately I haven't been able to go to a Set It Off show yet. We couldn't afford to when I was younger, and when I finally had money during university I was too busy with assignments. I am going to see them later this year though at Birmingham with tickets that I have been hanging onto for a while now (this being one of the stops on the Elsewhere Tour Formerly Known As The Midnight Tour Part 4 For The Love of God Please Don't Make Us Reschedule Again Again Again... Again?). I also have the VIP upgrade and I am so stoked to meet everyone.

        5. If you could give Set It Off a message - what would it be?

        There is very little I can say to them that they probably haven't heard before, but I really hope they know just how much of a difference they have made in so many people's lives. They deserve the world and I am so proud to see how much they've grown.

        To Cody: The way you lay out your emotions for the world to see is so admirable and I can't thank you enough for making me feel seen throughout my life. I love seeing the way you talk about the band and its accomplishments too, and I'm so happy for you!

        To Zach: Unlike Cody and Maxx through twitch, I have never had the pleasure of speaking to you personally, but you are by far one of the most talented people out there. I think my admiration for Ray Toro as a kid meant I was instantly attached to you the second I started listening to SIO, and I'm happy to say that 13 year old me at least had some sort of sense when it came to picking role models (even though I'm still awful at playing the guitar).

        To Maxx: Thank you for making Project X and allowing me to make so many friends that I'd have otherwise never met. Like with Cody and Zach, you are so so talented and I'm so proud of how far you guys have come. I'm less thankful for all the lore you have introduced though, which has completely ruined my life (/j, I love lore so much). I've also been told I have to tell you that my mum still wants the tea at the Birmingham show, which was promised during one of your livestreams

        6. What’s your favorite Set It Off song?

        It's pretty hard for me to pick a single favourite, but it's probably between Killer In The Mirror, Drained, Dad's Song or Hush Hush. The King is also great!

        7. Any requests/ideas/feedback on the fan club?

        Though it might be harder to moderate, a live chat function could be a pretty fun thing to have on the forum. Alternatively a Discord server similar to what is available for Project X and The Chaos Collective would be fun.